Passenger Description

One Time Order Restriction:

One single order can order a maximum of 5 tickets, and at least one of the tickets must be an adult ticket; if you need to order 6 or more tickets, please submit a new order.

Adult Passenger:

Passengers who turn 12 years old on departure date will be regarded as adult passengers; adult passengers must purchase adult tickets.Children between 2-11 years must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age when travelling. For information about unaccompanied children and minors (UM) service, please contact Call Centre.

Child Passenger:

Passengers older than 2 years old and less than 12 years old on departure date are regarded as child passengers. Child passengers cannot travel alone without accompanying adult. If child passengers turn 12 in the middle of the journey, child passengers must purchase adult tickets for the next flight.

Child Passenger without accompanying adult:

Child passengers cannot travel alone without accompanying adult who’s age is over 16.

Infant Passenger:

To check the applicable infant fare, infant seat availability and make a booking, please call our Customer Services Centre for assistance. Please note that there is limitation to the number of infants that can be accepted on each flight due to safety reason and infant is currently not accepted to travel in business class cabin of aircraft type A350.

Infant ticket is usually calculated from a discount applied to an adult ticket. If the adult ticket fare of the accompanying adult does not offer an infant discount, the next higher fare that offers the discount will be used as the base for calculation. Calculation of infant ticket price is subject to the law of the country applicable to the ticket being issued.

The infant passenger must be under 24 months throughout the whole journey. Infants who reach their second birthday after their outbound flight must purchase a child ticket.

The infant ticket also subject to fare rules and conditions.

If passengers carry two infants on board, one of the infants must reach 6 months old, pay the applicable child fare and travel using the Hong Kong Airlines’ approved car-type safety seat. The other infant will be charged infant fare.

For details of the approved car-type safety seat, please contact our Customer Services Centre.

Customer Services Hotline (24 Hours):

China:+86-898 950715

Hong Kong:+852-3916 3666

Pregnant Passenger:

It is generally safe to fly whist pregnant. However, we would advise you to consult your gynecologist of your proposed travel plan and obtain medical guidance before making a reservation. We also recommend that all pregnant passenger carry the required medical certificate whilst travelling.

We will accept passengers with single pregnancies up to 36 weeks (i.e. 35 weeks + 6 days) and with multiple pregnancies up to 32 weeks (i.e. 31 weeks + 6 days). Passengers who are reaching 36th week of single pregnancies / 32nd week of multiple pregnancies will not be accepted for travelling.

If passenger are reaching 28 weeks (i.e.after 27 week + 6 days), a medical certificate of fitness to fly is required. The medical certificate should clearly state:

>> the pregnancy is a routine pregnancy and progressing normally without complications, and fit for travel

>> the estimated week of pregnancy;

>> the expected date of delivery ;

>>. whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy;

The Medical certificate shall be issued within 7 days before the departure date and valid for 14 days from the date of issue.


Date of issue Date of departure Date of return Validity of certificate
01st SEP 04th SEP 13th SEP The validity of certificate able to cover the whole journey.
01st SEP 06th SEP 16th SEP The certificate valid for sector on 06SEP. But passenger need to provide new certificate for return flight on 16SEP due beyond the validity period.

Please note that for your safety, if you choose not to carry a medical certificate, or if your medical certificate is outdated or it does not contain the information required above, Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to deny boarding.

Travel after delivery:

- Not recommended women flying within first 7 days after delivery.

- Infants cannot travel for 7 days after birth. Health certificate is required for premature babies travelling.

Disabled Passenger:

For passengers with reduced mobility due to illnesses, please carry health certificate on board to ensure the patient’s condition is suitable for flight. We also provide wheelchairs for passengers who require the service.